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We wish you all the best for 2019.


 This is an overview of all modifications made to this website.

 date modification 
24 December 2018 update information Home page; Stock Shows 2019
22 July 2018 announcement AGM and Ballot 2019/20; add judge to Barnetby RC Show
23 January 2018 Bradford Premier Small Animal Show 2018; add menu option 'Archive'
2 January 2018 add Stock show 2018; add article 'Ask the clubs'; add tapestry to home page
1 May 2017 add Articles of Constitution; add Facebook module in right column; add some photos; add video Judging Thrianta at Champion Show
11 April 2017 add link to ATRBA
 10 April 2017 add menu options: Club Badge (Club), Subscription rates (Join), Photos, Links, Contact, Modifications (Info), Stock Shows (Info), Application Form (Join)
8 April 2017 add menu options: Objectives (Club); Officers, Committee and Judges (Club); BRC Standard; History
3 April 2017 first setup of the website layout created